Power Armor Hotness. Space Marine Cosplay

Just recently I discovered that a great looking cosplay suit of power armor that I had seen all over the internet (and featured on here) was actually located only a few counties over here in Virginia!

Best part is these guys make all sorts of armor replicas; from Iron Man to Master Chief, they do it all.

Their group is called 540FXperts, and they really have done some neat work.

Checkout this suit of Ultramarine Power Armor that they made.  It’s got tons of detail as well, right down to the frag grenades. In addition to the armor, they also make Bolters for mass cosplay battles too!

Plus these guys tackle all sorts of fun armor projects, checkout some of their recent WIPs, below.

If you live in the Virginia/DC/ Maryland area, stop by FTW Games (the home of Spikey Bits) this Saturday to see the armor, and these props in person!

Plus we’ll be having a HUGE Apocalypse Game as well, so bring some panted minis to play, or borrow ours!  We hope to see you then! -MBG

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