40k Hobby Showcase – Next Level Tyranids

Holy cow, the bugs are back! Have you seen these guys yet?

Next Level Painting painted up over 4000 points of Tyranids recently for the Adepticon 2014 Team Tournament. It consists of four 1,000 point detachments that paired up to two 2,000 point armies during the event.
I think Kenny really hit it our of the park with this army, as the oranges, greens and even the blues greys of the bases all flow together to create a very eye catching army.

Checkout the army list below, and hit play to see the whole project close up!

4 Hive Tyrants
120 Converted Termagants
4 Tervigons
4 Exocrines
3 Crones
2 Harpys

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