Harnessing The Power of the Warp – Conversion Corner


Checkout this HOT Chaos Space Marine Tzeentch sorcerer conversion from the Age of Sigmar!

Hobby Maniac Kyle McGirr brings us this great looking sorcerer lord of chaos, complete with warp powered backpack and flaming skull!

11811286_1622141681358689_9087031284492981358_n - Copy

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About Rob Baer

Virginia Restless, Miniature Painter & Cat Juggler. I blame LEGOS. There was something about those little colored blocks that started it all.. Twitter @catdaddymbg

  • Autumnlotus

    Would be nice if the created actually stated where the parts came from. I know the base model came from the mutated chaos warrior sorcerer and the backpack just a generic chaos marine one, but where is the head from?

    • Kevin Sherrell

      look closer, back is only partly a CSM pack.

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