Pleasing to Nurgle – EXTREME Chaotic Rust Tutorial


Checkout this hot guide to doing some realistic rust and weathering effects using the airbrush and weathering paints together!

In this video tutorial we discuss combining Fallout Hobbies Chaos Stars Airbrush Stencil combined with an extreme corroded paint and rust technique to create a unique effect.

I’ve used this corrosion tutorial below on various models to great effect. Check these guys out:

Blight_Defiler_Painted_01 Blight_Defiler_Painted_02 Blight_Rhinos_Painted_03 Blight_Dread_Painted_01 Blight-Land-radier-03 Blight-Land-radier-08 Blight-Land-radier-09 Blight-Possessed-Painted-03 Blight-Possessed-Painted-02

Fallout Hobbies Extreme Chaotic Rust Tutorial / Mariners Blight Zoth Ommog

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