Tau Vs War Convocation – 40k Competitive Battle Report


Can the upstart Tau claim victory against the ancient AdMech? Or will the AdMech come out with guns blazing to go home with a win?

Josh Kinder and the Wobbly Modelers have unleashed an amazingly painted Tau Army who just so happen to be in the midst of eating friendly, local, neighborhood Tyranids.

The War Convocation meanwhile is no slouch in the hobby department either.


IN today’s episode we’ll answer questions like:

Why are the Tau being bullies?


How many one’s can be rolled?


Where’s is this vanguard going?


Will this small blast hit?


And much, much, more! Hit the link below!

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About Felix Fimbres

Sailor, Solider, Pilot, Photojournalist, Paratrooper, Technician, and Jack of Most of Trades. I consider myself a Blood Angel player, playing Death Company heavy armies. Recently, I've decided all my Blood Angels will fall to the Black Rage.

  • Kolobius

    Now that is how the Stormsurge should of looked

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