Helping the GT Circuit- Open forum for change (Yes we can?)

By Rob Baer | March 3rd, 2010 | Categories: Editorial, Grand Tournament, Warhammer 40k

Well I think we, being the gaming community, should come up with some guidelines for Indy tourneys that GW can choose to adopt if they see fit, or maybe can even be worked into a INAT touney checklist of sorts.

We can all cry and moan about problems on the circuit, obviously there have been issues with the first three event so far, but maybe we cant try to help to improve the circuit going forward.

So here some hot points I think are important as a tournament participant. These are by no means an exhaustive list, and I hope we can add and debate on them as this post continues.

Scoring. How is the event going to be scored? Be clear on how the scoring will work, and provide values for that scoring. Events running a comp component that is shrouded in mystery, may do not as well as a tourney that has comp and is open how they are scoring it. We could even go so far as to standardize the scoring; there must be a sports, paint, and battlepoint system and it is “x”.

  • Points Limit. Staying within a normal perceived points limit may be attractive to most players. I remember GW some years doing 1850 with 150 point blocks, and some mandatory models for some mission such as messengers etc. Does this need to be standardize?
  • Rounds and time. What is the normal number of rounds to be a GT? I would assume its 5. Time limit per round could be 2+ hours with 2:30 being the perceived norm from what I have seen.
  • Price. Well i think that can’t be standardized but I’m sure that many will attest that price is a big decision make on whether to attend an event at all. I guess it all comes down to getting what you feel you pay for, but that can be said for anything.
  • Missions. This is a biggie for me. Are they going to be standard type missions, or custom ones that have to be corrected via forums or during the rounds over and over again? Personally I just want something standard with a mechanic I’m used to playing. Missions converted poorly from 4th to 5th, ridiculous kill points, or even the dreaded 2 objective mission are all my pet peeves. I’m okay with somethng new as long as I can understand it at first glance OR it conforms to a particular mechanic. I’m not sure if this can be standardized, but maybe made into a guideline.

This should be able to get us off in the right direction. I’m pretty excited for this post lets see what we can come up with.

Feel free to comment on here or on the open thread on Dakka Dakka. Either way please try to comment as this affect a lot of us.

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