Demi Legion: Chaos Titan Mega Build- Paint & Conversions

By Rob Baer | April 27th, 2010 | Categories: Chaos, Conversions, Titan Mega Build, Warhammer 40k

Before I went and basecoated up the titan I noticed the Turbo Lasers were kinda bland. I had forgotten that they didn’t make a Chaos version of these weapons (sad panda).

So I had to whip something up quick to get the Titan done for the apoc game we were playing that weekend, cause I knew I wanted him kitted out with twin Turbo Lasers! Plus he had to have paint on him to play!

So I puttied up some chaotic growths around the guns, and added on some Chaos bass etching as well.  To finish it off I used some pointy trim bits from the Reaver kit, which I intend on re-creating with plasticard and my rivet maker for the rest of the Mega Build, and scored up the edges a bit.  I think it turned out very chaotic and I cant wait to paint them up proper!

Here’s a shot of him getting Deff Rolla-ed by one of my Supa Battlewagons during the Apocalypse game. The Battlewagon didn’t survive the ensuing barrage of Turbo Laser fire and drop kicks from the titan.

To basecoat this guy I used the Necrotic flesh spray from Army Painter, and then airbrushed on the gold trim using Vallejo’s Shining Gold.  I chose bright basecoat colors because I’m going to wash and dirty it up a bit, and these are perfect for it.  The shin armor plate below was a test run for the overall paint scheme before dirt and rust gets added. (see how its missing in the action picture above?). I also plan on adding in chaotic glyphs and warpaint using Hawk Turquoise as a base.


How do you like the test paint job? Should I paint all three like this?

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