Conversion Corner: Ku’Gath the Plaugefather

This awesome conversion is from isotope99 over on the BoLS Lounge.  I was REALLY impressed with it so I thought I’d share.

 isotope99: “The last of my four greater daemons is the Nurgle special character Ku’Gath. It says in the codex that he takes his laboratory with him and rides in a planquin. I updated this for 40k and have got him on a rhino with lots of cauldrons and and tanks of noxious chemicals. When finished, he is going to be pushed along by 4 plaguebearers (that’s what the spikes are for). Some of the pieces I cannibalised from old models I didn’t want anymore so are already part painted.

The main parts I used for Ku’Gath himslef are a lizardman stegadon and the daemon part of the soul grinder (and a lot of green stuff)”

 Impressive, yes? – MBG

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