Conversion Corner: Plastic Plague Bearers

By Rob Baer | August 23rd, 2010 | Categories: Chaos, Conversion Corner, Conversions, How To Tutorial, Warhammer 40k

I saw these guys the other day, along with the Ku’Gath model I posted earlier, and was really really impressed with them. The are brought to us by the same Nuglely genius; isotope99.  This is his walk through of how to make plastic plague bearers (which if you are chaotic at heart like me, this is just what the doctor ordered).

You will need:

  • One box bloodletters
  • Some green stuff (or your preferred equivalent)
  • (Optional) some leftover spawn bits, particularly the eyes, spare genestealer heads

1) Take the bloodletter head and glue the pieces together then cut off the horns and the back part of the head so it’s not so long (or use a genestealer head).

2) Drill a hole and hollow it out with a knife where the main eye is going to be. Cover the bloodletter’s eyes with green stuff if you can still see them and put one eye in the middle. If you’ve got some spawn eyes, these fit nicely. Otherwise, just use a blob of green stuff and (optional but looks better) when it is dry add two thin slivers to be the eyelids.

3) Finally, put one of the bloodletter horns (or something similar from the spawn kit) on top of the head.

1) A big blob of green stuff will serve as a rotting belly, then smooth it out at the edges so that it joins to the body. (optional) thin sausages of green stuff work as exposed entrails.

2) Fill the gap on the back where the bloodletter’s spines go either with green stuff or just cut down some of the spines so that it looks less uniform.


1) Make the edges of the sword more jagged and uneven so that it looks older and more corroded.

2) Three tiny blobs of green stuff on each side of the sword handle cover up the khorne symbols (with a nurgle symbol).

Extras (see the Ku’gath pics)

1) Pustules are blobs of green stuff with the edges smoothed out to meet the skin.

2) Sores can be made by flattening out a blob of green stuff and then gouging holes in it with the sculpting tool.

3) Rough skin can be made the same way but use a pin to poke smaller holes in the GS.

4) Sinews are the same again but this time scoring in lines with the tool/knife

Finally cut/file off any remaining khorne symbols.

For painting, just avoid the colour red and the finished models should not be confused with the bloodletters they started out as.

I love when you can find a way to make a pewter kit, out of plastic! -MBG

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