Thunderwolf Cavalry of Khorne- Bloodcrusher Conversion WIP

I had been thinking about making some “Chaotic” Thunderwolf  Calvary models for awhile now.  When I saw the preview models for the Bloodcrushers a few weeks ago, I knew I’d be adding some “space wolf lords” to my Chaos army.

So I just got some of the new Bloodcrushers and started converting them up. Here is the work in progress so far.

These are the bits I picked out for the project.  I’m not much of an artist so I kinda just make a pile of bits and dry fit a bunch of stuff together, till I like the look.  To be honest I wish I had more skills at drawing so I could sketch ideas out on paper. So for now all my ideas are trapped in my brain till I can give them some true form. 

This is the saddle I ended up making, cause the legs didn’t quite fit right.  I tried to pattern it like the rest of the plating, kinda giving it the illusion it was “morphed” out of his back for the rider.

Well here is what I got so far. I think I need to put more of a “Khorne” spin on it,  seeing how he’s riding a Juggernaut of Khorne after all. 

What do you think? Where should I go with it from here? -MBG

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