Your Move: Daemons Vs. Salamander Space Marines

By Rob Baer | August 19th, 2010 | Categories: Warhammer 40k Articles & News, Your Move

I used to really enjoy an old article in Inquest Magazine (published for Magic the Gathering) called Dead Man’s Hand.  You would only have one turn left and you had to kill your opponent that turn, or you lose. They showed you your hand and the battlefield, and you had to come up with the combo that would win.

It was pretty cool, and got me thinking- hey why not do that with 40k? So here is the first, of hopefully many, Your Move articles.

 Daemons Are Scary

So here’s the scene.  It’s the top of turn 5. You are the Daemon player and for some reason you went first.  That aside you are playing Capture and Control. The one objective, that’s in the picture, is your opponent’s and you’ll win if you control it. (Hint you need the Bloodletters to survive)

The figure on the Juggernaut is Skulltaker, and he has only one wound left.  The Bloodthirster has all his wounds, and also has the Deathstrike upgrade (12″ S7 AP2 Assault 1).  The Salamander squad by the rhino is Combat Tacticed into the front five Marines and the five in the back.

Reverse Angle

You want to be controlling the objective at the bottom of Turn 5 (the Salamander player’s turn) because the game ends!

So what do you do (besides not let your Bloodletters die)? -MBG

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