Your Move: Daemons Vs. Space Marines Answer

By Rob Baer | August 26th, 2010 | Categories: Daemons, Your Move

Okay we all had some time to think about it. So here are the moves you can make to achieve victory over the Space Marines.

Daemons Are Scary

The biggest hurdle to winning this game is the rhino lurking on the left.   It’s unassuming but it can single handily keep the Daemons from winning. Why? Well it can tank shock those infantry units off the objective.  So keep that in mind for now.

Another issue is that the Skulltaker only has one wound, so he will probably die in the assault he launches because the Marine squads are too large for him to handle this weak.  Not a big deal, but it’s one less option you will have to occupy space. Space, like time is priceless in 40K.

The Bloodthirster will wreck whatever it hits. Plus he can make one shot at STR 7 AP2 before he charges, and he has a threat range of 18″ (12″ flight and 6″ charge).  Those Bloodletters will, on average, wreck any of the 5 man squads they hit. They will however, crumble to any sustained bolter fire, if you give the Marine player a way to shoot them on his turn.  You also need them to claim the objective and win you the game. 

So here is what you do.

  • Take your shots with the Bloodthirster and charge into the marines in the rear of the rhino.  You should kill them, and when you consolidate pin in the rhino by leaving him 1″ away from it’s back side area.  It has to move in straight line to Tank shock, so all it can do now is maybe Tank Shock the Skulltaker.  
  • Charge the Skulltaker into the front group of Marines. He will kill a few and hopefully make his saves and not die, thus tying up the remaining marines, and preventing the Rhino from pivoting to move in its front arc.  If he wins, bonus! Keep the rhino locked into its current facing by staying 1″ away from it in the same manner as above, but in the front area.
  • Charge the Bloodletters at the squad in front of them.  Consolidate onto the objective.
Reverse Angle

This I think is a good example of nullifying a threat purely on your model’s positioning. Its a great out of the box tactic, and requires very little effort to perform.  Unfortunately it almost always works on or with vehicles, infantry are too tricky to negate with other infantry. 

Would you like to see more “Your Move” articles? If so let me know what armies you would enjoy seeing! -MBG

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