Conversion Corner: Walking Bloodcrushers, Daemons Evolved.

Check out these “evolved” Bloodcrushers models from Isotope99.  The speed at which this guy cranks stuff out is amazing (I may be secretly jealous). Plus his stuff is always very well done. Kudos to Isotope99!

Here’s an except from his post over on Bell of Lost Souls: “I’ve combined the new bloodcrusher kit with leftovers from all my daemon prince conversions (and a couple of minotaur bits) to make some unridden juggernauts. I don’t have anything against the official models, I just wanted to do something a bit different.

Still a bit more work needed on the legs and feet (and obviously the bases) but what do you think?”

Well I think they are awesome dude. Lets see some paint on them! -MBG

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