Conversion Corner: Wolf Priest in Terminator Armor

Hey guys. This was send in to me by Stephan from his blog, Alles, nur keine1.  He made a pretty sweet Wolf Priest conversion using the pewter head and crozius from the old model, and the current Wolf Guard plastics.  He also added a little more fur to cover the gash that was left from the removal of the wolf helm.

I like it because its simple, and pulled off nicely.  You don’t have to go all out on every model to get an effective look as you can see here.  Fur can be hard to sculpt but he definitely made it look easy on this model.

Here’s a bigger shot of the piece, under a cold Fenrisian sun.

Do you have an awesome conversion to show off? Maybe a how-to article for a large project? Would you like to see it on Spikey Bits or even possibly Bell of Lost Souls?  Drop me a line today with what you have! -MBG

Interested in showing off your work on Spikey Bits?  We want those pics!

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