Spikey Bits Monthly Give-Away Contest #1 Voting

By Rob Baer | October 20th, 2010 | Categories: Chaos, Daemons, Monthly giveaway, Warhammer Fantasy

Okay so we’re back with the voting for the Monthly Give-Away. I know this is the first post since last week, and I apologize for the lack of hobby content as of late. We have been super busy getting the new Spikey Bits store set up, and getting all the infrastructure  together as well.

Blah blah blahs aside please make sure you show some support for the blog next time you need your hobby fix, by visiting our discount online store.  Soon we’ll be back posting several articles a day helping you with your hobby questions, showcasing new tecniques and miniatures, etc!

So here are your choices for the Bloodcrusher Give-Away (Monthly Give- Away) Contest #1. They were chosen by me, and a few selected friends of the blog.  To vote just click on the author of your favorite comment below in the voting widget.  We’ll end the voting and announce the winner next Wednesday the 27th!

Daedalus Nix (sung to the tune of Dreidel)

I give my self to chaos
And the Lord of all today
and in the name of Nurgle
The people I shall slay!

Nurgle! Nurgle! Nurgle!
In your Garden we shall play
Nurgle! Nurgle! Nurgle!
The Great God of Decay

brothercornelius  better ingredients. better zombies. papa nurgle.

Nurgle wins easily, because every time I leave a stack of dirty dishes in the sink, forget to take the garbage out or wear the same underwear two days in a row I grow more powerful.

All Tzeentch has to offer is sand in your shorts, and everyone hates that.

Snotgoblin040   Tzeentch – Change you can believe in!

Blaznak   Khorne is best because you don’t have to really memorize a lot of philosophy. Anything beyond “Blood for the Blood God” or “Skulls for the Skull Throne” gets in the way of serious battlefield slaughter.  Just sayin’

…what were we talking about?

Tom  Nurgle, because zombies are awesome

Gonewild  Khorne because “in the 41st millenium there is only war”, and that means more blood for the Blood God.

The Skywatcher  Khorne. Because he is on facebook. I mean seriously, look it up.

and this one which can’t win cause he’s my bud, but I still am allowed to like it.

Slaanesh. Because, hey, boobies. Seriously.

See you soon! Thanks for reading – MBG

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