40k Hobby- Painting Contest Entries Due Soon

By Rob Baer | November 20th, 2010 | Categories: Dark Eldar, Monthly giveaway, Warhammer 40k

Just a friendly reminder that Entries for our Dark Eldar Painting Competition are due Monday 11/22.  Don’t worry too much, you still have several days left!

All you need to enter is a picture of your finished figure, and a Work In Progress (WIP) shot.  You can submit your pictures to me by clicking here.

We will put submissions up for a vote starting on BLACK FRIDAY November 26th. The winner will receive a prize pack of approximately 500 points of new Dark Eldar models!

So what are you waiting for, get painting and fire up those cameras !!! -MBG

About the Author: Rob Baer

Virginia Restless, Miniature Painter & Cat Dad. I blame LEGOs. There was something about those little-colored blocks that started it all... Twitter @catdaddymbg
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