40k Conversion Corner- Dark Eldar Scourges

I wanted to share a WIP Dark Eldar Scourge conversion with you by FTW Games regular Mike DeBolt. Some of you may rememeber Mike from the Games Workshop store at Stony Point before it closed.

Mike has been hard at work lately converting up some Scourges. I wanted to get a pic of the models before he painted them, but he didnt want to giveaway all the work he did.  Sorry Mike you can’t stop the signal baby, cause I know my bits!

To make this bad boy he used a standard Dark Eldar Warrior model, added some Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard Wings, a Phantasm Launcher, and finished it off with a Swooping Hawk head.  All this for the low price of $90 retail for the squad!  I probably shouldn’t talk- I think my Stormraven conversion was well over $200 retail.  But the results speak for themselves, this Scourge figure is a beaut! 

I’ll try to have some squad pics for you all soon- since the conversion pic is out of the bag! For now however, check out the close-ups below!

More Dark Eldar Conversion to Come! -MBG

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