40k Event- Apocalypse Clash at Sector 13176

Recently we had a huge game of Apocalypse at FTW Games, with well over 50,000 points of models on the table.  It turned out to be a fast and furious battle of epic proportions, but it the end the Imperium of man defended sector 13176 from the combined Apocalyptic forces of Chaos and Orks.

Several Astartes Commanders headed the call for reinforcements as well as Planetary defense forces from sector 13176, and several battalions of Imperial Guard diverted from other fronts. The Emperor does indeed protect.

Check out the bloody aftermath below…..

Combined forces of Imperial Fists, Raven Guard, and Salamanders, repulse an Greenskin advance on Imperial supply crates.

 Imperial Fists and Salamanders surround and cut off forces of the great enemy, while securing a mysterious defiled temple.

Mechanized Ork forces advance past defensive bastion 236 while supported by a single renegade Shadowsword.
A mysterious hovering pyramid appears during the assault to retake Bastion 235 from the scourge of Chaos and Orks. 

 Chaos forces advance under repeated barrages from a plague tower of Nurgle.

 The assault to retake Bastion 235 grinds to a halt after the appearance of a trio of monolithic vessels during an intense firefight. No further ground was gained, and the status of forward elements that had infiltrated the Bastion is unknown.

Area of devastation left after the destruction of the plague tower spearheading the advance on mysterious ruins seen in the southern Verdun Plain.  Techpriests speculate a catastrophic chain reaction occurred after forces from the Raven Guard chapter of Astartes were able to deliver massed Melta fire to the rear of the hulking warmachine.

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