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By Rob Baer | May 9th, 2011 | Categories: Conversions, Monthly giveaway, Warhammer 40k

Well the due date came and went, and when the dust settled we got in some really awesome entries!

We sold a TON of Dreadknights over on the Spikey Bits store for this contest, it is really cool to see a bunch all converted up. So a big thanks  to everyone who took the time to enter.

Voting is now open for the contest, so please vote for your favorite. We’ll keep the polls open until the 27th of May, and then tally up the votes, and award the winnah! Good luck to everyone!

So here’s the entries for the Spikey Bits Dreadknight Conversion Contest.

First off we have a Necron Pharaoh by Caleb Dillon, with Resurrection orb and War Scythe.

 Tau XL-18 Interdiction Armor, by Jim Howard

 Dreadmonkey by Thomas “Goatboy” Reidy

 This is the only entry I allowed two pictures of. I think the first one was too washed out, but showed the conversion work better, so enjoy both. Daemonknight of Slaanesh by Matt Ekola

 Soulgrinder of Khorne by Matthew Hoell

Imperial Guard Knight Pattern Walker by Hadi “The Hod” Sheikhnia.

Valkyrie Walker Conversion Michael Millikin
That’s it. Like I said pretty stoked at the entries, thanks to all participants.  Please take a minute or two and vote below for your favorite, but before you go I want to let you know about a couple of noteworthy things we got going on here at Spikey Bits.
First off is a Charity 40k Tournament for The Red Cross’s Japan Relief fund kicking off Sunday May 15th at FTW Games. If you happen to live in the VA/MD/DC area it is a great way to help out the crisis in Japan just by playing some 40k!  
Second is the ongoing charity project I am proud to be part of the Heroes of Armageddon!  Currently I am working on 3000 points of Ghazkull’s Orks as we speak.  When time permits I’ll post up some WIP shots to wet everyone’s whistle.
So that’s it, thanks for the read and see ya soon!

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