I’m a Bear, Put Your Head in My Mouth! Spikey Bits + WarGamesCon 2011

Okay so first off yeah I suck.

I suck because, well I sold out the blog since May. Why, well long story short owning your own business makes for long hours sometimes.  I know, I know, that’s not your problem. You just want to read some sweet bat reps and hobby articles already. And seriously I own my own store so I should shut up cause its like everyone’s dream, so let me just say it; I’m sorry.  I’m sorry I left you with no sweet content.  I’m sorry I haven’t kept you up to speed about all the sweet events I’ve been a part of this year.  It’s not you- it’s me, and I’m sorry.  We’re going to fix that all, starting now.
So lets get back up to speed shall we?
First off Team Spikey Bits/ Wrecking Crew won the 2011 Adepticon Team Tournament with Blood Angels. I owe you coverage I know, and you’ll have it soon.  But what you may not know is that our team plus Goatboy and Nick Rose (Darkwynn) combined to form team WreckingBoLS (get it) and also won the American Team Championships (ATC’s) in May as well.  I took my Looted Guard and didn’t lose a game, Woots! Since then I’ve retired the Guard army from active play. If you happen to fancy it, well you’re in luck. It’s up on e-Bay right now for sale.   
In June I went up to the Grim Open at Brothers Grim Games in Long Island NY and placed Second overall with my Iron Angels (Iron Hands counts as Blood Angels). So now I get to play in some sweet event at the Nova Open against other qualifier winners as well.
June also marked the first anniversary of Richmond VA’s very own, FTW Games Grand Opening. To celebrate the day, the sweetheart of Warhammer 40k Goatboy was in attendance for all the festivities.  It’s been a great first year and we look forward to many more.  
Jim Howard won the Dreadknight Conversion Contest in May with his Tau Interdiction Armor.
So now that we’re all caught up, and friends again let’s move forward to what you really want to know about; WarGamesCon 2011.
We are onsite right now setting up the Spikey Bits Vendor Booth and making the final tweeks to our army lists. Me and Saint Gabriel will be playing in the Team Event with Blood Angels and Chaos, and I’ll be using the Iron Angels again in the singles event!  
Best of all is that I’ll be posting pic and updates live each round from the floor on twitter!  So checkout our tweets over the weekend for minute to minute coverage!  
Okay that’s it, that’s all I got for now. See you soon via the tweets or the interwebz! -MBG

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