Army Showcase- Orkquisition at Nova Open Invitational

Welcome back! Today I have a little lead into the Nova Open, happening this weekend, and a feature on one of the lists I am considering running in the Invitational.

Today I’ll be playing in the Nova Open Invitational, and I’m thinking about playing Master Shakes’ Orkquisition Grey Knights.  I’ve been featuring a few of his conversions on here over the past few weeks, so I hope you’re hungry for more!
I qualified for the Invitational back in June at the Grim Open with my Iron Angels, but now the points are lower, and the stakes are higher.  So I’m thinking about trying out the Orkquisition at 1750 points.

Orkquisition “Counts as” Grey Knights

Deff Kult Assassins x10 Razorback Asst Cannon, Psybolts
Deff Kult Assassins x10 Razorback Asst Cannon, Psybolts
Techmairne Rad Grenades, Psykotropes
Techmairne Rad Grenades, Psykotropes
Land Raider Crusader, Psybolts
Land Raider Crusader, Psybolts
Henchmen, Razorback Asst Cannon, Psybolts
Henchmen, Razorback Asst Cannon, Psybolts

As you can see the whole army has the Orky look and fee to it just like my Looted Imperial Guard. The Deff Kult Assassins are grots modeled with 2 power weapons, and mounted on cork bases to make them as tall as a normal model.

The vehicles are all “looted” and even the Independant Characters are “Orky”.

If you play this list you’ll want to put the assassins in the Land Raiders and wait till the last possible second to attack. When you do assault the combination of Psycotrope, Rad Grenades, and Hammerhands has the potential to wreck most squads, even pesky “death star” squads. 

For example I caused 21 Power weapon saves on  Jawaballs’ 10 man assault squad (the one on the right flank) at I6 during our Death Match game Thursday Night at the Nova Open. They were I1 from the Psycotrope Grenades, but perhaps more importantly, Toughness 3 from the Radiation Grenades (he hooded my Hammer Hands attempt with Mephiston).
On the right his Termies and Mephiston crumbled under the assault of 10 Death Cults, a Techmarine, and Cotaez at  just at I6 alone.  The Techmarine got a 3 with his grenade roll, allowing whole squad to re-roll their hits in hand to hand. Pretty brutal.
The trick to this list is to remember to smoke you Raiders over shooting with them, and maintaining a 6″ bubble with the Librarian for the benefits of shrouding. Also remember that shrouding does extend from the hull of the Land Raider, so you can almost always extend that to all your vehicles if you keep them together in a spearhead-esque formation.
That’s it for now, the Nova Open Invitational starts at 7 AM tomorrow (Friday) so I need some sleep.
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