WIP- Ork DeffKnight & Grey Knight Conversions

Welcome back to more Orkuisition madness!

Well Master Shake is really putting his all into this Converted Grey Knight Army, and I hope you are enjoying watching it develop as much as I am.

Check out this Work In Progress shot of his “Deff Knight” counts as conversion.  Right now he feverishly working on the left arm to be drawing a sword to smite the enemies of the Orkuisition! More on this big boy soon.

Here’s another teaser for your viewing pleasure a Mekmarine (counts as Techmarine). HAR, HAR, HAR.  Master Shake went over board on this guy too with a scratch built servo harness (Runt Herd Prodders), and all the GK bits and pieces.  I think it’s pulled off pretty well.

Last but not least is Orkuisitor Kotaez. So I guess you can figure out what units will make up the bulk of this army now; Deff Kult Assassins.

More on the Orkuisition soon as Shake is letting me run them in the Nova Open Invitational in just a few short weeks.

I’m told I should be scared cause Stelek is running the best Space Wolf list ever, and the transports will never make it across the table.

Hope he remembers to pack his Lascannons. -MBG!

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