Giveaway- 15 Days Left in Hobby Wreck Challenge Contest

By Rob Baer | September 26th, 2011 | Categories: Monthly giveaway

Only 15 days left in the Hobby Wreck Challenge, so break out the files, clippers, drills and all your pent up aggression – it’s Build a Wreck time!
This challenge is sponsored by us, and Bell of Lost Souls and it’s a pretty cool diversion to the fall blahs!

Here’s the rules: Your Hobby Challenge is to create a wreck diorama using a large vehicle (40k), monster/thingy (WFB), or warjack (WM/H).

Remember this post from waaaay back?  All you have to do is grab an oversized round base available at any hobby store like Michaels, or Hobby Lobby, and let your creative juices flow.  We want to see how evocative of a wreck scene you can create that really takes the viewer into the aftermath of some battle.

It could have occurred hours earlier, or centuries, that’s your call. So have fun, create your masterpiece, and put 2-3 picures of your entry shot up agasint a white background in this Wreck Challenge Thread on the BoLS Lounge.

Spikey Bits will select the finalists in 1 month on October 15th, 2011, and put them up for a BoLS user poll for the grand prize winner. The winner gets not only big time bragging rights, but the following hobby and basing supplies courtesy of Spikey Bits!

  • Vallejo Black Lava Paste
  • Vallejo Transparent Water 
  • GF9 Plastic Accessory Variety Pack 
  • GW Grass Tub 
  • GW Snow Tub 
  • GW Glade Grass Tub 
  • GW Scorched Grass Tub 
  • GW Sand Tub  

That’s it! No purchase restrictions, just wide open imagination time!

So crack open the hobby / bits boxes and get to it!  Remember, the deadline for the Wreck Hobby Challenge is 10/15/2011. -MBG
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