Conversion Corner: Pre-Heresy Ahriman of Prospero

So I cornered Jkin the other day, to get pics of his Pre-Heresy styled Ahriman for his Scarab Occult army, and boy does it rock.

Check out this bad boy below!

To kick off this project he started with a just normal Grey Knight Terminator (for statue he’s still “in power armor”), and just went buck wild with bits and green stuff.

First off he added a Tomb Kings Tomb Guard scythe for his fabled staff.  Then he splashed some of the “scrolly” bits and books about as well, and added a set Scibor “Scarab Occult” Shoulder pads.

Jkin greenstuffed the face from scratch, using the artwork on the left as a reference.  He also sculpted the MK4 Maximus styled chest cabling, as well as force cowl on the the back of the armor.  Then he sculpted a scarab on the chest, as well as the extra groin clothes, and some more seals.

Personally I love the overall theme to his army, it’s pretty original and blends two different genres (Pre-Heresy Styling, and Egyptian) into one.

Check out the overall shots, and no it’s not a counts as Grey Knight model.

I think he did a great job, and it should look great painted up in reds and golds! My favorite part is the staff, how about you?

More soon from the Scarab Occult– MBG

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