Conversion Corner- Sphinx Pattern Defiler

Welcome to another great work in progress post on Jkin’s Pre-Heresy Style Thousand Sons. He’s really putting a lot of work into these guys, and it definitely shows.

It’s nice every once in awhile to see a hobbyist doing something for the love of the hobby, rather than what plays well- or is considered the best.
Even better is the fact he’s chosen such a rich and cohesive theme to work with.

Today I have some shots of his Work In Progress (WIP) Sphinx Pattern Chaos Defiler.  I think this guy really fits the Egyptian theme and feel to his Scarab Occult Thousand Sons army.

Jkin made this monstrosity by combining the Defiler and Tomb Kings Sphinx kit. Some cutting of WarSphinx model (the dog looking one) was necessary to get the top torso holding the NecroSphinx torso into one workable assembly.

Then he added magnets between the normal defiler torso mount ring and the bottom of the Sphinx assembly, and attached it right to the defiler.

He also placed some of the hieroglyphic plates about to the legs and body, and did away with most of the spikey bits on the model to try to pull it all together theme-wise.

Next he magnetized up the Sphinx tail to the back which gave it what I think is a perfect creepy scorpion construct vibe.

Last but not least he added the battle cannon to the front claw to make it quite the pimp hand, lol.  I suggested adding the rear halves of the Necorsphinx Warscythes to his back for a flying insect/ Gundam look, but I think I got shot down on that one.

I think he still has some flushing out of the model to do here and there still, but overall the basic structure looks great. He really meshed the two kits together well in my opinion, and I can’t wait to see this guy finished!

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Up next for the T-sons, Jkin says Pre-Heresy Ahriman! -MBG

Want to see your conversion on Spikey Bits, or possibly Bell of Lost Souls? Take a picture of your conversion against a white background, and send it to me with a description of your work. I’ll try to work it in on here as I can!

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