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Well I just got all the information on the new Necrons from Games Workshop (such as pricing and units available), and it’s pretty sweet.

We can’t say much about the information on here, because of my trade sales agreement that I respect for the sake of all retailers around the world.

We can however say that there are some units making a return from the old book, some that didn’t make the new release, and some coming back in FINECAST!

We can also take pre-orders over the phone, for anything you may be wanting to pick up for the new release.

Everything is set to come out on November 5th like we have been hearing about, and the official GW public announcement looks like it will be October 29th according to the video below.

So check out the Games Workshop’s site then for all the official news, pictures, and more.

For now you can stop by the store or call 804-464-1873 to Pre-Order anything you may be interested in.

GW also released this teaser video today. Enjoy -MBG

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