Ramos’s Steam Punk Mechanical Spider Transport

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Well it’s Halloween so I wanted to show off this spooky crazy Steam Punk Transport. YepImadork made this to carry around Ramos and his crew for games of Malifaux, and it’s a pretty sweet conversion!

Jump below for a closer look.
The conversion itself is pretty basic, but it’s just done and themed very well, I think. The colors all complement each other, and allow the conversion work to shine through
First off he just took a cheap train from the hobby store, and added a few sets of Defiler legs.  Then he added some piping, a exhaust stack from Cities of Death, and a skull from the Ruined Temple set for Fantasy to the front.  
If you look close you can also see some Necron green rods. He actually hooked them up to a battery later on so they glowed!
Next he enlarged the pilot area to accommodate this robot’s benefactor; Ramos, and his motley crew of Arncanists.
In the finished pics below you can see he did a good job with all the little controls’ doo-dads and whatnots in there.
After he was done with all the assembly, he primed it and painted brass and metal where it needed it. In between the legs he hand painted on wood grain, which looks amazing IMHO.
Anyone else think of this when you saw it, lol? Check out the three-sixty below, with WIP shots.

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