Gaming Superstitions- Dice Bag Edition

By Rob Baer | November 5th, 2011 | Categories: Uncategorized

Some of us are very superstitious when it comes to our dice, but lately I’ve been seeing players being particular about what they put those dice into, lol.

Strange, maybe? Out of the ordinary perhaps, but when compared to ball players, poker players, or even business heads everyone seems to have their own ritualistic approach to success.

Personally I’ve always used a Crown Royal bag, because it’s like buying something I use a lot (booze) and getting something I need for free (dicebag).

I used to rock the traditional purple, but lately I’ve been using the gold “special reserve” bag cause it makes me feel fancy.

As you can see they have several flavors of “dice bags” available, but some of those bottles cost over $100 each, so me thinks not to many of those will be used for dice.  They are still pretty looking though, and hey Crown bags can be used for tons of other things besides dice bags….

I also collected some pictures of the more flavorful dice bags that are out there on the market, and have actually see in real life.  My favorite is the Chainmail one!

So what do you use to keep your dice in, and why? -MBG

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