Warkitteh- LolCats Meets 40k

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Welcome to the new segment here on Spikey Bits called Warkitteh (or War Kitty), which is basically pics of my cats being stupid.

I happen to have several cats, and they all seem to dig my toy soldiers. By dig I mean do dumb things around them, and that my friends is funny.

Seriously whats better to laugh at than cats doing stupid things?

It’s not like they know they are being dumb, I’m sure they think they are being quite smart actually. But they aren’t, lol and now we laugh at them.

So checkout my latest Warkitteh pic. The original is below as well, feel free to make your own version, and if you want submit it back to me for posting.

I’d love to see some reader submissions on this, so please don’t hesitate to send in your own silly cats for us to text or make your own version for me to publish.  The internet loves cats!!!

The font is Impact, stroked in Photoshop with 3px black.  That’s it! 
Lets see what we can come up with! -MBG

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