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Check out this awesome all plastic conversion for everyone’s favorite Lord of Death, Mephiston.

Zail posted this finished conversion up recently over on his Warhammer Blog, and it rocks.

All the normal Mephiston elements are there, and head even reminds me of a young Sgt. Centurious from the Legion of the Damned.

Lets take a closer look….

Bits List

From the picture this looks to be based off of a set of Death Company legs, a Sanguinary Guard Wings glued to a Death Company Backpack, and perhaps either the old pewter Mephiston torso, or maybe a Finecast Asteroth torso.

The accents appear to be normal Death Company pads from the plastic box set, a cape from the Chaos Marauders?, and an Iron Halo. Mephiston is armed with a Space Marine Commander power sword, and a plasma pistol from the Death Company box set as well.

The Conversion

Overall I really like this conversion, the jet black armor really sets the tone for the figure and the white of the wings (with black undertones) sets it all off. The reds are perfect and don’t seem to take anything away from the scheme as a whole.

I like the blue on the plasma pistol, but am thinking that if there was some blue over on the sword as well, it would work better color wise. Then all of the colors would be spread out equally (or symmetrically) across the whole model.

Finishing up the conversion with a base full of skulls is definitively a nice touch as well.

Really really solid work. Kudos Zail you earned it.  Check out the three sixty below.

If you got a minute give Zail some love, hop over to his blog here-MBG

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