Forge World Unboxing: Chaos Dwarfs

By Rob Baer | January 31st, 2012 | Categories: Forge World, Product Review, Unboxing, Warhammer Fantasy

Welcome to our third Forge World un-boxing article. Our first few articles, went over pretty well, so we’re pushing ahead with more!

This time we have, form the New Warhammer Forge, the Chaos Dwarf Death Shrieker Rocket Launcher!

It features lots of little dudes, and very pointy parts- perfect for all flavors of Chaos.

The Kit

Death Shrieker Rocket Launcher available for 32 pounds from Forge World.

The Deathshrieker Rocket is one of the more diabolic examples of the Chaos Dwarf artificers’ mastery of blackpowder weapons. Bound within its munitions are howling, malevolent fire-spirits, which are unleashed as the multiple warheads of the Deathshrieker detonate over the battlefield in an incendiary storm.
Full resin kit supplied with three Chaos Dwarf crew models. Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher model designed by Tim Adcock, crew models designed by Edgar Skomorowski. Courtesy FW’s site


So that’s it. Pretty cool kit with lots of conversion potential.

What say you? -MBG

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