Pick a Paint Job? Checkout these Grey Knights…

Well got some free time last night, and hammered out some more Grey Knight Purifiers, with the new airbrush set-up.

But now I am need of some advice; (and this is where you can help), I can’t decided on which set of shoulder pads looks the best.

I wanted to keep some white on the models because that’s the Purifier’s thing, BUT it seems to look like the red pops more….sigh

So if you got a second, give me a hand and take a look at the three below sets of pads I painted up, and comment on which one you think looks the best.

I’m going to try to post up a tutorial soon on how I did the pads (and the model) in the first place, but for now I gotta make a decision on what looks good!!!

White fade, both sides

White fade, with metal chapter pad…

                                                                      Red fade, with metal chapter pad…

Do me a favor and post with which you like the most (and/or why) below please! -Thanks MBG

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