Assaults, Going to Ground, and Grenades- Oh My!

Welcome to the segment here on Spikey Bits, where I go over some rules clarifications and “gotchas” for 5th Edition.

I realize that there may only be less than a year left for this rules set, but there is still tons of time for gaming!

Not to mention there are a  few big tournaments left to attend as well.  So let’s get to it shall we?

Today Master Shaker talks about being down, but not out.

A quick bit of advice for some who may not know…

When a unit of yours is getting shot and you think ‘I’m going to be assaulted anyway’, hold the phone. If the charging unit lacks frag grenades -or- you have defensive grenades, that might be a bad move.

If an assaulting unit lacks frag grenades but charges a unit in cover that has gone to ground, they will strike at their own initiative because the asssaulted unit is ‘not set to receive the charge’. Defensive grenades also don’t work if the unit equipped with them has gone to ground.

A little known (or used) bit of knowledge is frag grenades can actually be used against vehicles with a strength of 4, so that horde of guardsmen may actually shake a rhino!

Never Give Up, Never Surrender!  -MBG

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