Bits are Back, Back Again… Hot Bits Restocked!

By Rob Baer | February 27th, 2012 | Categories: Uncategorized

Stop the presses, we just restocked a ton of bits! Checkout the list below for all the bits items we have back in stock again!

Pardon the blog interruption, but this is the fastest most effective way to make announcements for the Spikey Bits online store.

The following bits are now back in stock, ready to ship! Don’t forget, shipping on bits orders WORLDWIDE is now FREE!!!

You can click HERE to find all of these bits!

Chaos Plasma Gun Bit

Space Wolf Guard Terminator Assault Cannon w/ Feed Bits

Space Marines Bolt Pistol in Holster Bit

Space Marine Tank Gunner Stormbolter Bits Pack

Space Wolf Pack Plasma Gun Bit

Space Marines Sergeant Torso MK8 Errant Armor Bit

Grey Knights 120mm Oval Base Dreadknight

Space Wolf Guard Chainfists x2 Bits

Space Marines Melta Gun Bit

Space Wolf Guard Stormbolter Arms x5 Bits

Devastator Heavy Bolter Bits Pack

Chaos Melta Gun Bit

Dreadnought Textured Base Bit 60mm

Stormraven Blood Angels Vehicle Icons x2

Blood Angels Helmeted Heads Set of 5 Bits

Furioso Dreadnought Force Weapon Arm Bits Pack

Blood Angels Power Sword Weapon Bit

Thanks for shopping Spikey Bits! -MBG

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