Conversion Corner: Seeing is Believing, WMG

Lately I’ve discovered a ton of great hobby work going on out there, besides what’s on just the “bigger blogs”.

Let’s face it with the proliferation of the Internet it has become much easier to learn and promote your own hobby in just a few clicks.

Also chances are that any conversion or idea you want to actually “see” can just be looked up in less that a second or two on the ‘net.

That’s how I found White Metal Games (WMG).  I don’t remember exactly what I was looking for, but I ended up there somehow. As it turns out Caleb, does some amazing work and he is also more than willing do it for others as well.

Below is a brief summary of who is behind WMG and what they do exactly.

Caleb from WMG:
“I started playing Tyranids back in 2nd edition. In those days there was a model for every unit in the codex and my conversion skills amounted to bending an arm or swapping out a venom cannon for a barbed strangler!

Then came the latest edition of the Tyranid codex and with it a slue of new units without representation on the table.

They say necessity is the mother of all great invention, and such was certainly the case here.

My first few attempts were . . . . marginally successful. With each new attempt to build a harpy, tyrannofex, or tervigon I got a little more bold. To fund my research, I eventually started selling some of these on ebay. I couldn’t believe how fast I sold them! Apparently there was a demand for tyranid models and in the vacuum left by GW, I was able to step in and fill that gap with my own conversions.

Over time, I began to notice a trend . . . most of my clients wanted tournament friendly models, and by that I mean over 50% GW bits. Even if they weren’t competing, and most weren’t, everyone wants the opportunity to compete. So I started building models that were a bit more conducive to the tournament circuit. I still occasionally branched out and built something off the grid, just to fun, but most of the time these days I try to stick to the kits when and where it’s practical to do so.

As such, my most recent incantations of the tervigon and tyrannofex were largely developed so that wargamers would be able to play in any setting, be it friendly or competitive play. These are largely built from a combination of Warhammer Arachnarok bits and Tyranid Carnifex bits, with a few trygon bits sprinkled in their for good measure. The exception to this system is the tyrannofex cannon, which comes from a Alien Space Jockey Vinyl model kit. I was using these for another project at the time and so had a bunch of them in my bits box.
Both of these models are sold on ebay. Just search for Tervigon or Tyrannofex and you’ll find them (while supplies last).

For those of you who have never seen my work before, check out my blog at I am a conversion artist for hire and I am always happy to provide a free quote to potential client.

I can be reached at [email protected]. Until next time, happy converting!”
Pretty good stuff. His use of non-standard Games Workshop components is outstanding, along with his ability to make difficult organic based conversions look amazing as well.

Be sure to check him out, as he’s very easy to deal with! -MBG

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