Oh Snap- 22 New Bits Auctions Going Live Tonight!

We just posted up 22 new bits auctions to go live tonight around 10pm Eastern.  You can check them out by clicking here, or scrolling to the list below.

Sorry to take up a valuable blog post, but this is the fastest way to spead the word about important bits news from the Spikey Bits Online store!  

Some of these are restocks that were down for a week or two, and we are happy to have gotten more in ready to ship for all!

Thanks for stopping by and shopping Spikey Bits! -MBG

New Bits Auctions Starting Tonight

Space Marines Melta Gun Bit

Chaos Melta Gun Bit

Blood Angels CCW & Bolt Pistol Arms Set of 5 Bits

Stormraven Right and Left Wings Bits Pack

Necrons Triarch Void Blades x5 Bits Necron

Furioso Dreadnought Force Weapon Arm Bits Pack

Necrons Triarch Particle Caster Bits x5 Necron

Necrons Immortals Tesla Carbines x5 Bits Necron

Space Marine Tank Gunner Stormbolter Bits Pack

Black Templars Gothic Left Handed Power Fist Bit

Grey Knights Psycannon Bits Pack

Grey Knights Inteceptor Backpacks x5 Teleporters

Space Marine Assault Terminator Torsos x5 Bits

Ork Warboss AoBR 40k Orks

Grey Knights Terminators Nemesis Falchions x10 Bits

Grey Knights Terminators Helmet Heads x5 Bits

Black Templars Gothic Power Weapon Axe Bit

Grey Knights Terminators Nemesis Force Halberds x5

Black Templars Gothic Melta Gun Bit

Space Wolf Guard Thunder Hammer Storm Shield Set x1 Ran

Space Marine Commander Captain AoBR 40k

Commander Combi Melta Gun w/ Right Hand

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