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By Master Shake | April 29th, 2012 | Categories: Master Shake, Warhammer 40k

Welcome to the segment here on Spikey Bits, where I go over some rules clarifications and “gotchas” for 5th Edition.

I realize that there may only be less than a year left for this rules set, but there is still tons of time for gaming!

Not to mention there are a  few big tournaments left to attend as well.  So let’s get to it shall we?

Today’s post is by Master Shake, about shooting at vehicles which for me seems to generate the most controversy about cover saves and such. Personally I think it should just be a straight 5+ if there is any sort of obscurement more than just a single model or area terrain lower than the vehicle’s hull.  But I digress, as there is only war….

From Mastershake;
I’m going to clear up a few thing that some people get wrong regarding shooting at vehicles. The first issue is which armour value you’re firing at.

Some people are under the impression that you use a imaginary line 45 degrees from the corner of the vehicle. That’s not correct. When determining which armour value you will be firing at you run a line from corner to corner on the vehicle being shot.

This also means that longer vehicles like chimeras are easier to shoot in the side armour than say, a dreadnought. Rulebook P.60

Some people also seem to be under the impression that when determining if a vehicle gets cover, 50% of the vehicle needs to be obscured. This is not true. Only 50% of the armour value you are shooting at needs to be in cover, so is entirely reasonably for a vehicle to be over 50% visible and still get a cover save.  Rulebook P.62

MBG’s note: It is also possible to not even see the armor arc you are in, but different one all together, such as the case of another vehicle of equal or bigger size blocking say the front LOS but leaving the sides still visible.  This sort of thing confers a +1 to the cover save due to the obscureness of the shot. Rulebook P.62 Last Paragraph

Short and to the point. You can checkout Shakes blog, Grotzilla! where he rages about all sorts of things from badly painted armies to scourges of the internets. -MBG

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