Video Review- Citadel How to Paint Minatures Guide

It’s true, the new Citadel Paint line is here!

If 145 new paints wasn’t enough for you to get excited about, Games Workshop also released a nifty how-to paint guide supplement, that does not suck.

The Citadel How to Paint Guide plus DVD, (which is playing right now in the background as I type) is a volume of painting knowledge, that is almost all completely original material.  No previous White Dwarf filler here.

It’s also laid out in a unique “flip-book” format that makes it easy to follow along with at the painting table.

Checkout the video below for my review, on this “must have” product for painters of every skill level.

Want the New Citadel Paint Set, AND Get a Free Battleforce?!!

Leading off what I hope will be exciting Spring of new releases, are the new Games Workshop Citadel Paints.

As you have probably heard by now this is a complete re-release of the old line, as many colors have been redone, and some colors brought back from the Eye of Terror even.

The complete set encompasses a mind blowing 145 paints, broken down by base, layer, dry, shade, glaze, texture (for bases), and four technical paints.

Best of all is you can get the whole set of 145 paints, AND the large citadel miniatures carrying case from the Spikey Bits store for $499.99

We have already gotten a ton of inquires about this set, and we are happy to make it available, at a slight discount even, for a limited time only.

Best of all, at the end of the month of April, we’ll giveaway a choice of any current 40k Battleforce or Fantasy Battalion box to one lucky customer (chosen at random) who purchased the complete paint set from us on the Spikey Bits Online Store.

This set includes all 145 of the new paints, which breaks down into 34 base, 70 layers, 15 dry, 12 shades, 4 glazes, 6 textures, and 4 technical paints (liquid green stuff, brush primer, matte coat, and a paint medium).

Also included is the large “Army Sized” Black Miniature case that holds 216 figures/paints. You could substitute the black army figure case for either of the holiday Green or Brown army cases, while supplies last as well.

But wait there’s more…

Don’t have the scratch for the whole set of paints? Hey I feel you, times are tough.
Check this out though- We’ll be selling sets of the paint ranges as well as single pots of all the new paints.

Just want the new washes, or glazes? We got you! Need some Blood Red? Well it’s Evil Sunz Scarlet now, but yeah, we got you just the same. Waaaaaagh!

Best of all, any Citadel paint order from Spikey Bits from now until the end of April qualifies to win a free Battleforce or Batallion per above!

So check out the list of special Spikey Bits’ offerings on the new Citadel paints, and email or call us for a quote. You can reach us fast on our order hotline 804.464.1873, Monday – Friday from 10am to 10pm!

  • Citadel Mega Paint Set of 145 Colors + Army Case
  • How to Paint Citadel Miniatures Book with DVD   
  • Citadel Paint Washes Set of 12 Shade*  
  • Citadel Paint Textures Set of 6*
  • Citadel Paint Foundation Base Set of 34*   
  • Citadel Paint Layer Set of 70*  
  • Citadel Paint Drybrush Set of 15*    
  • Citadel Paint Glaze Set of 4 Colors*    
  • Any of the 145 New Citadel Paints, Waterpot or new Paint Pallets!

* Denotes Special Spikey Bits Offering
What are you waiting for? Click here, or give us a call for all your gaming needs! -MBG

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