Celebrate the Day, with Special Guests!

By Rob Baer | May 14th, 2012 | Categories: Uncategorized

That’s right boys and girls, FTW Games, the home of Spikey Bits, is about to turn two.

To celebrate the day it’s rumored we will have no less than five special guests that weekend, including the sweetheart of 40k, Goatboy himself.

Thomas, (aka Goatboy) will be drawing whatever you want on army bags all weekend for his usual art fee.  

Kenny from Next Level Painting will be on hand for airbrushing demos as well, so be sure to stop by to learn how to airbrush, or airbrush better even!

Top level player Paul Murphy will be here too,  giving advice on tactics and tournament play.

Jawaballs + Frtiz will be on hand as well, fresh from the wilds of New York to entertain and dazzle with their hobby expertise.  And last, but not least I myself (MBG) will be here too.

So if you are in the Richmond Virginia area, stop by for the festivities won’t you?

Food will be provided in the evenings (Fri + Sat), because whats a celebration without a FEAST of sorts?  And there will be a sale of course, as well as other fun stuff going on all weekend.

Friday June 1
The First 20 Customers on Friday will get a free goodie bag, full of awesome gaming swag!

Friday Night Magic  will be FREE to play as well, and yep you’ll even get a booster pack at sign up just like normal.

We are trying to get 75 people for this FNM so we can start running PTQ’s, so please even if you don’t play, stop by for this event cause heck its FREE and you get a free pack of cards to boot!

Saturday June 2
We’ll also be running a mega demo day on Saturday the 2nd at 1PM, with painting tutorials (including airbrushing) from several special guest “pros”, as well as demos of the majority of the games we sell.

If you would like to volunteer to run a demo please PM or email me ASAP rbaer0002@gmail.com Volunteers get entered into a raffle to win $100 in store credit for helping out that day! Plus you get to help promote and spread the game that you are passionate about.

But Wait there is more!
There will be a 40k “Iron Man” tournament that starts at 5PM (registration- first dice at 6pm) Saturday June 2nd. It could conceivably end at lol, 3 AM so bring you big boy pants and get ready for an all-nighter. We will close the store to customers at 12 midnight.

Standard rules, but free to play (and will feature $100 in prize support) cause its our BIRTHDAY YEAH!!!!!

Sunday June 3rd
As the festivities wind down, we’ll feature $12 drafts for Magic at 1PM, and Booster Boxes go on sale for one day only for the low low price of $100, or 8 packs for $25!!!! WUT? One day only don’t miss it!

We also have a Grand Prix Trial for Vancouver (Standard) at 12 noon as well.

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