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By Rob Baer | May 11th, 2012 | Categories: Editorial

So the heat is on. Maxim Magazine is running a contest to find their very first “Gamer Girl”, and you can help.

You see this thing is a big voting contest, where the would be gamer girls post their profile, pictures, and a few short videos about who they are and why they deserve to be the next Maxim gamer girl.

From Maxim’s site  “Do you have enough game to become a Maxim Gamer Girl?
At Maxim, we’re always up for a little competition. In 2012 we’re embarking on a nationwide hunt to find one female gaming buff who has the looks, personality, and gaming skills to claim the ultimate prize – the opportunity to be the first ever Maxim Gamer Girl!

Who is the Maxim Gamer Girl?
After the dust settles and the smoke clears, ONE battle-tested she-gamer will open up a world of opportunity. Prizing includes exposure in Maxim magazine and Maxim.com, an all-expense paid trip to VIP gaming event(s), and a potential contract to become a Virgin Gaming spokesmodel, just to name a few.”

Well it just so happens that a friend of mine is participating in this contest. I don’t know about these other girls, but my friend is definitely a gamer, oh and she models part time too.  Up until recently she managed a local Game Stop right up the street from my store, and just left to go back to school / continue her modeling career.

She also plays Magic the Gathering and even knows what Warhammer is. Best of all; shes not bad looking at all. (I stole some pics from her Facebook to share on here, don’t tell her).

Wow a true gaming girl. Hard to find, yes?

You can check out her page on Maxim here http://maximgamergirl.com/jillianr and be sure to vote for her, if you think she should be the first Maxim Gamer Girl.

Pictures: http://maximgamergirl.com/jillianr/pictures ooh nice Stormtrooper Armor
Videos: http://maximgamergirl.com/jillianr/videos/1213225

There also several other front runners for the spot as well. http://maximgamergirl.com/people/winning  It seems some of them maybe bending the rules, or bribing their You Tube fans to vote for them, but either way all’s fair in war eh?

Either way, I know Jillian. She’s got a good heart, and has been desperately trying to break out of the local modeling scene for awhile.

Recently she helped one of her employees raise money for cancer related medical bills with a bake sale!

I know who I’m voting for -MBG

PS sorry no Flashback Friday, I hope you enjoy this post instead.

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