40k Video: New White Dwarf w/ Sixth Edition Preview

I just got the July White Dwarf in my hot little hands, read it and cranked out this video for it.

The thing that is so special about this White Dwarf is the fact that there is a preview of Sixth Edition in it.
There is a TON of spoliers in this thing, and it was awesome to read as almost every paragraph in the Armies of the 41st millenium got the gears turning in my head.
I HATE HATE HATE reading rumors on new books and codices. Why? Well cause i remember them, and then start confusing the “rumors” with the real rules when they do come out.  So its definitely nice to finally relax and let my brain go wild reading about something new for once!
That being said, after much oh-ing and ah-ing, reading between the lines on things, and scanning for hidden gems in the pictures I summarized my thoughts in the video below.
The rulebook’s version offerings (gamer’s, collector’s, standard) and accessories for sixith all look great from the pictures, and I am very much looking forward to our delivery from Games Workshop next week!
But for now, this White Dwarf will suffice, as I can learn by gleaning though this magazine until the rulebook arrives.
Enjoy the video and if you are hungry for more sixth edition, checkout my musings on the new rules here.  Have a good weekend guys! -MBG

About the Author: Rob Baer

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