Defender of Mars- Black Matt’s Burninator!

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Check out this crazy sweet dreadnought conversion from Black Matt’s Black Legion blog.

I saw this the other day and was really impressed with it. Whenever I see a figure (vehicle or infantry) with all sorts of weapons strapped to it, I think of an old short story from back in the day that featured such warriors.

They were called the Defenders of Mars, and well as the title suggests were the last line of defense of the Mechanicus’ Martian home.

This dreadnought is bristling with firepower, as Matt has augmented it’s normal load-out with two Hellstorm cannons,two heavy flamers, and two sets of twin linked autocannons. Plus he even made the fuel tank and lines to add the fire to the weapons systems.

Enjoy the pics below, and be sure to pop on over to Black Matt’s Black Legion blog and say hi. -MBG

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