Rock the Vote- Missile Launchers Have Skyfire?

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It’s a thorny question that’s been growing in complexity this week; Do missile Launchers now have Skyfire?

Because Flyers aren’t getting any easier to kill, that’s for sure.  Let’s take a closer look.

The question arises from the new Missile Launcher Sixth Edition rulebook entry (which remember is made for the long haul, as codices are replaced and updated).

The but the paragraph at the top of the entry seems to indicate their should be an additional cost involved in some cases.  However, there’s no army that has this in it’s codex yet- as it’s so new.

That being said it’s possible that this FAQ wording clears it up and possible allows it, as it alludes to weapon profiles being replaced by the rulebook if they changed.

And then we have the weapon profile from the appendices in the back of the new Sixth Edition book, and a pretty picture below.

So… what’s the call here folks? We going to let these flyers, erm, walk all over us, or are we going to try to shoot them down?

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