Bad News: Dark Vengeance is DELAYED!!!?

By Rob Baer | September 5th, 2012 | Categories: Dark Vengeance, Sixth Edition., Warhammer 40k

This just in: Dark Vengeance had been delayed from Games Workshop and will not be available for release this weekend.

Here is the skinny straight from GW as they just informed their distrubitors, and trade accounts today:

We’ve pushed the release for dark vengeance back. As soon as Dark Vengeance is available we will send them and notify you. 

You can begin shipping Dark Vengeance to your customers as soon as you receive them.

They can begin to sell Dark Vengeance as soon as they receive it from you.”

And to add insult to injury, the Limited Edition is “Sold Out” on their site as well.

So what happened?  Did they not sell enough of the Limited Box though their trade/ corporate stores, or was their some crazy mishap at their warehouse. Maybe a customs delay? Who knows, either way we’re in a holding pattern for this highly anticipated release!

Well, have no fear delay or not, we are still taking pre-orders on the Starter Box, as well as, the contents inside like the Rulebook, Hellbrute, cultists and more.

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