Forge World Horus Heresy “Betrayal” Update

By Rob Baer | September 19th, 2012 | Categories: Forge World, Warhammer 40k

This just in Forge World  Horus Heresy Betrayal, and selected new minis will be on sale at the UK Games Day this weekend.

The new FW newsletter just went out and boy am I excited. Chaos and Horus Heresy in the same month, wow we are sure living in some exciting times indeed!

You can checkout all the details here on FW’s site.

If anyone is going to UK games day and can buy one of the FW Horus Hersey “Betrayal” books, and express mail it back to me after the show, I’ll pay you for the book, and handsomely for your time as well.  Please email me if interested.

Select Images below courtesy FW. Enjoy -MBG

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