Sexy Cultists are Sexy

By Rob Baer | October 26th, 2012 | Categories: Chaos, Renegades, Warhammer 40k

There are two things that everyone seems to undervalue about the Dark Vengeance Box Sets (IMHO) the Small Rulebook, and the Chaos Cultists.

I don’t know what it is, but no one seems to remember that the normal rulebook retails for $75, so that says to me the mini one is worth at least half that, if not slightly more.

Same with the cultists, as they are now a staple in many Chaos Space Marine builds AND make great Renegade Guardsmen models!

Plus while they don’t have there own larger kit to compare to (unless you count the Forge World Renegade kits), GW has now valued them in sealed product form more than the guardsmen (Cadian shock troops) they represent!

So if your looking for alternative Cultist/ Renegade style models to use, checkout the links below for some great products that are readily available to make your army unique!

Dark Futures and Alien Suns SciFi Greatcoat Shock Troops (18) 
Dark Futures and Alien Suns Shock Troopers Heavy Weapons Teams 
Chaos Cultists Renegades Guardsmen Dark Vengeance 40k Space Marines 

UAMC Infantry (24 Figures) 

Oh and don’t forget these six great Spikey Bits articles on Renegades as well.

Happy converting -MBG

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