Where dice go to die- Feast of Blades 2012

Checkout this awesome piece of function terrain by Saw Studios.

No only is this exhaust stack a great place to roll dice, or leave them to languish in the dip (for misbehaving), it also works on tabletop as well!

What I like most about this piece of terrain is that its made with miniatures in mind. Meaning well, you can balance figures around the terrain piece with minimal wobbliness.

Granted you can’t put them everywhere, but imagine this is more of a flank or center LOS blocker anyways.

If you look close you can see there is also a “hidden” access area to the waste pool that is covered up by a removable roof (first pic below).

Checkout the close up below and decide for yourself!

Brent from Stictly Average sent me the link to a great interview he did with Saw Studios. I have featured them on here several times, as they make great model and terrain conversions. (Hey- who’s that in the background around 2:40?)

I also took a ton of pictures of their stuff at Feast of Blades 2011, that I posted on Spikey Bits as well.

Want to know more- checkout their site, and yes, they do commissions!!! Andrew the Head of Saw Studios is a great guy, check them out! -MBG

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