How To: Fixing Those Wobbly Fliers!

By Rob Baer | December 10th, 2012 | Categories: Hobby Hacks, How To Tutorial, Moron, Warhammer 40k

Hey it’s Moron, writing again. Here to solve a big problem with simple fix, the wobbly flier…

I’ve gotten the Caestus Assault Ram from Forgeworld, awesome model, and fun rules, but this thing is a hefty chunk of resin. The flying stand can barely hold it up, and it is so wobbly, I get scared every time something might bump the table. I’m sure there are many other flier models out there who also need a sturdier base.

So one day, while working in my basement/carpentry workshop, I noticed some scraps remaining from our bathroom renovation. The leftover pieces from a clear shower rod were the perfect size and material to act as a sturdy flight stand. You can find something like this with a simple trip to any store like Lowes or Home Depot. With only a few minutes of work, I put together my new and improved flying base and here is how:

materials needed:
scrap wood with the preferred thickness
clear shower rod
drill bit same diameter as the clear rod
Large oval base just for tracing
Something to cut the wood with, I used a scroll saw.
I drilled a hole the same size as the clear shower rod into the bottom of the aircraft. (putting a drill to your model feels wrong, but it must be done . . . carefully) I drilled about half an inch into the Caestus, but this will all depend on the size of the model you are working on. If you are unsure, always drill less than needed. You can always drill more, but you can’t undo what you’ve already drilled.

Next I constructed a sturdy base to mount it onto. I just traced the large oval base onto a piece of scrap wood and cut it out with a scroll saw (benefits of having a carpentry workshop). I made this base much thicker than normal bases so I could drill a hole into it to hold the flying stand. I then just sanded the edges to make it look neat

Then I just put the clear rod into the bottom of the airship and the top of the base and done. Now add some scenery, paint it up, and you are ready to bring death from the skies!


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