Miniature Market #16 Let’s Make a Deal!

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Bursting on all sides, our collection of gently used miniatures for sale has once again swelled to epic proportions!  Checkout what great deals we have for sale in this edition of the Spikey Bits’ Miniature Market!

Welcome to the Spikey Bit’s Miniature Market where I try to post at least once a month an update from my collection of “gently loved” miniatures for sale here at the store, now in extreme HD video even!

I have very little time to list them on eBay or even type out the whole list of items, so the video below is the next best thing!

Interested in some figures on the cheap? Checkout my close-up pics of the case and see if anything tickles your fancy. 
There’s stuff from a majority of systems, including FORGE WORLD items. 
If you so see something you are interested in you can email me about it, or call the store 804 464 1873 to find out more!

Once we strike a deal, I’ll wrap up your new miniature(s) and ship them off to you ricky tick!

Thanks to everyone who has emailed and made a deal with us already!  I’ve sold a ton of stuff so far, but there is always more to fill in the ranks!

So take a closer look and hit me up if you would like to know more! But please keep any offers reasonable as to not waste anyone’s time.  – Happy Hunting MBG

The attack bikes in the video are sold, as well as one or two of the forge world crisis suits.

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