The Mechanicum Cometh- WargamesCon 2012

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Today we have a great looking Grey Knights Army from WargamesCon 2012.  Well honestly, I can’t back that up, I actually forget what army exactly this was for.  Okay, okay, I know serious faux pas here.

This was Michael Strange’s new army this year, and to be honest he is one of the best converters out there IMHO, and I’m a little ashamed I forgot what army it was supposed to be.  I think he said it was either Grey Knights or Blood Angels, but honestly this was six months ago, and Michael I am sorry I forgot what your beautiful army was supposed to be.

Nonetheless it’s still amazing.  I believe that flyer is made out of a Baneblade even. Kudos to Mike for another inspirational army for all of us! – Enjoy MBG

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